Now that the economy is picking up and restrictions and health measures have been lifted, it’s important to build team momentum and integrate new employees well. The morning coffee and croissant are a first step, but it’s the shared experiences that create cohesion and commitment. 

Our mission

Our client, a global logistics company, had implemented a comprehensive restructuring plan during 2021. This was dictated by headquarters and included a new organizational structure with new functions. The requirements for us were…

“The Management in Geneva is looking for ideas to strengthen team dynamics and work out new processes as part of a team building event.” 


The OTP Approach

OTP offers “tailor-made” programs that take into account the specific situation of each team and the needs and expectations of the managers. In this case, the proposed program consisted of three main parts:

  • Various group exercises, to strengthen the relationship between participants.
  • Interactive workshops, to refresh the basics of leading teams.
  • Development workshops, to elaborate several roadmaps in “disruptive” mode on the company’s overall operations, as well as on specific projects to improve the quality of services and the cost efficiency of operations.

The seminar took place as a “retreat” over two days in a hotel near Geneva with an overnight stay for the 20 participants.


The interactive workshops

Three workshops of 2 hours duration were held to refresh and deepen the basics in the group on the following topics:

  • – Initiating and implementing change
  • – Leading in times of change
  • – Communication and behavior in teams

In order to strengthen sustainability, the workshops were not conducted as a “presentation”, but included different sequential modules (group discussions, exercises, feedback, and experience sharing, and short presentations).


The development workshops

Three additional workshops were held with the employees and managers present on Day 2. Their goal was to question existing processes and develop new ones. This approach had several advantages 

  • employees from different hierarchical levels work together as equal partners, 
  • the creativity of each individual is challenged and stimulated 
  • it is ensured that the ideas selected always represent a compromise 
  • teamwork is established beyond the seminar, and 
  • acceptance of change is increased because change is not imposed, but rather supported by all.

In our opinion, however, the following elements were also key to the success of the program: 

  • active listening and clarification of the clients’ situation and challenges, 
  • the creativity and commitment of the two OTP consultants/coaches, and
  • adherence to the strict rule (agreed with the client) of not using phones or computers during the workshops and exercises.


The result

After a few weeks, management found that the momentum created was holding. Team leaders and management not only continue development work, but also work together openly, transparently, and smoothly. This dynamic makes it possible to continuously strengthen customer satisfaction, increase sales, and at the same time increase profit margins.

“OTP met our expectations. After two days of activities, discussions, and workshops, we could see the result. The team found each other. The new management team was able to clarify the new challenges, but also share their fears and approach the common goals with a new spirit. OTP managed to bring in something new and to inspire all participants. 

Thank you very much for the many inputs”. 

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