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Based on an assessment center taking a selection decision is made with greater certainty. Especially the high costs incurred by employing wrong personnel can be avoided. In addition, succession planning is facilitated and employees can be offered internal career mobility. This has the effect of achieving sustainable employee loyalty to the company. With our assessment, you receive a professional and well-founded evaluation. 

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We are member of Swiss Assessment.
Swiss Assessment is an association of AC experts who work in large companies, universities, administration or management consultancies.

Boards of Directors and Boards of Trustees

Strong, independent, and competent boards are critical to the success of any organization. We advise and support organizations that want to strengthen and develop such boards.

Diversity of perspectives and opinions is essential in today’s rapidly changing world. Candidates must have the necessary skills and experience for their roles in their respective areas of responsibility, as well as understand key governance issues and the “unwritten rules” of boards. Basically, the required profile should detail the strategic competence (function, industry, and market expertise, etc.), leadership competence (communication, strategic thinking, problem solving, etc.), role (stakeholder, manager, politician, etc.) and the fit into the existing board (ability to work in a team and deal with conflicts, independence, etc.).


The assessment of candidates when filling CEO, CFO or other C-level positions is of particular importance. Our competency and values-based assessment provides a comprehensive picture of functional experience, leadership skills, character traits, motivation, as well as cultural fit and ability to grow with the job. The context of the existing organization, corporate culture and market position leads to questions such as.

  • How likely is a candidate to perform the C-level role?
  • How does she/he make decisions?
  • What might she/he fail at?


The executive assessment aims to assess a broad range of soft skills (such as communication skills and assertiveness) and to identify analytical and methodological competencies. This detailed competency profile is used in combination with the evaluation of personal values as a basis for behavioral predictions. The combination of personality tests, observation of work simulations and biographical interviews as well as objective information (educational degrees, certificates, experiences abroad) results in a differentiated picture of the person with high predictive power.

Next generation of managers

An important organizational issue is the promotion and development of employees as next generation leaders. With our assessment we support the clarification of the necessary prerequisites and a possible need for development. With a value and curriculum vitae analysis interview we then look at the motivation for this career step. This creates a holistic picture of the candidate’s leadership potential.

If required and agreed, development recommendations are also made (on-the-job measures, seminars, training, and coaching).

Management Audit

A management audit serves to systematically and uniformly determine the competencies and potentials of managers. Such an audit often takes place in the context of organizational changes (e.g., restructuring, mergers or turn-arounds). Associated with this are questions such as:

  • What competencies do we have in-house and
  • Who should hold certain key positions in the future.

An audit of this kind can serve both to fill positions and for development purposes.

Potential analysis

For employees who take part in an assessment, this form of evaluation of personality and competencies represents a great development opportunity. On this basis they get to know themselves better and objectify their self-image. This enables them to take a more active, potential-promoting role in their career development.

Our services

Specifically designed and implemented

Our competency and values-based assessment provides a comprehensive picture of functional experience, character traits, motivation, as well as cultural fit and ability to grow with the job. The context of the existing organization, corporate culture and market position leads to an overall picture of the person to be assessed. 

Together with the client, we draw up a precise profile of required competencies (specific professional and management experience, methodological skills, knowledge of the industry, etc.). Social competencies (team and conflict skills, communication, etc.) and cultural fit based on personal values are addressed separately.

We conduct our services both as individual and group assessments. They are related to the intended professional practice (function) of the participating candidate(s) and build on competency models that the client specifies or that OTP develops together with the client (specific to industry, hierarchy level, company type, culture). 

Involve HR and the line in the assessment process. With a preceding training we ensure the required quality of the observations and the reports.

Assessment Talks

Instruments and behavioral simulations

  • Psychological test procedures (personality and ability tests)
  • Structured interview
  • Presentation
  • Individual exercise
  • Group exercise
  • Role play

Our assessments pick up on trends such as increasing demands on middle and top management due to growing internationalization, diversity and intercultural competencies and incorporate these into the parameters for action. OTP is also able to conduct cross-national evaluations according to defined standards.

Action plan for onboarding

An important part of our consulting is aimed at making the onboarding process as smooth as possible. We provide an individual approach and give action-oriented advice. Thereby we enable a consistent, realistic development that leads to top performance.

Digital assessment

Our online assessment with selected personality tests can be arranged independently of other assessment instruments.

We are happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal program and develop customized assessment programs.

Our assessment competencies

Reliable, experienced, and empathetic

Our experienced assessors are employed by us on a permanent basis. This allows us to ensure that our assessment services deliver a consistently high standard of quality and success.

The following elements comprise the expertise of our consultants:

  • Psychological training
  • In-depth understanding of business processes and sound professional experience in management positions in business
  • A empathetic attitude in feedback and consulting

This combination of expertise and social competence forms the basis of our highly successful assessment process.

Our assessment consulting

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