Change Management "Not that which defies time is durable, but that which wisely changes with it." "Not that which defies time is durable, but that which wisely changes with it."

Change Management

Achieving success through proactive change 

As an open system, every company is naturally exposed to constant change. The acceleration of change and the increasing impact of external factors are characteristic of our times. Employees often perceive this as a permanent state of imbalance and uncertainty. Change management gives you the key to actively design the steps you want to go!

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Change Management Benefits

“Change leads to success”
  • Change management facilitates the active implementation of change by involving those affected.
  • Change processes can be better planned for.
  • Employees find their place in the new organization (reorientation).
  • Employee skills are targeted toward serving the future of the organization.

With our change management services, we actively support your organization’s constructive development.

Our Change Management Services

Pragmatic and goal-oriented consulting
Development of a shared vision

Your business is facing a major strategic shift and embarks on a process of wide-ranging organizational changes as part of an acquisition, merger, alliance or the outsourcing of certain parts of the company.

The failure or success of such projects doesn’t depend solely on technical analysis and the definition of synergy potentials in strategy, technology and business processes—but depends largely on the successful implementation of the various project phases with and by the responsible employees.

Management development

Our services are oriented around the urgency of changes within the organization:

1. Short-term solutions for existing organizational units:
  • Workshops with management and teams
  • Coaching for individuals
2. Medium-term development of the organization:
  • Seminars on leadership, team development and self-management for management, teams or individuals
  • Workshops and coaching for practical support during development processes
3. Long-term development of the organization:

Our seminars, workshops and coaching programs are highly suitable for long-term integration with personnel and management development measures to support the overall implementation of the corporate company strategy.

We offer in-house seminars or work as instructors in institutions for further education. Within an agreed time frame, we address important topics in the form of individual modules that are integratedd into a comprehensive management and personnel training.

Team Building
Productivity and collaboration

Productivity and business success depend on effective communication and cooperation among employees—at all levels. Especially in the current working environment marked by constant change (restructuring, reorganisation, mergers), seamless cooperation is of the highest importance. Conflicts and problems of individuals or teams have a direct impact on overall results. Insufficient integration and identification result in reduced productivity and higher staff turnover—with substantial added costs.

Services and tools

 We pay particular attention to constructive cooperation within teams or between different teams, which is a prerequisite for an effective overall workflow. Our programs are geared toward:

1. Teams and project groups

Coaching and training to improve communication and teamwork, in case of inefficient collaboration between multiple teams, to solve (unspoken) conflicts, in case of a “lone wolf” attitude, a lack of knowledge exchange, harassment or uncertainties.

2. Individual employees

Situation analysis and coaching in case of decreasing job motivation, a drop in performance, growing conflicts with colleagues, discontentment, lack of perspective, withdrawal or loss of trust. For the improvement of communication and cooperation as well as the solving of conflicts, we offer the following services:

  • Situation analysis
  • Communication training
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching for teams and individual employees
Mobilization of teams
  • Performance increase through individual mobilization, guidance and support.
  • Customized coaching and training.
  • Long-term success thanks to a step-by-step, goal-oriented approach.
  • Use of tools for transparency, sensitization and a high level of participation.
  • Programs for the development of competencies in teams

Our Change Management Competence

Experience, expertise and the necessary sensitivity

Our team developers are characterized by high levels of professionalism and sensitivity in their design of development measures. Our consultants have a proven business background with extensive “hands-on” experience in a variety of positions and industries, with companies and/or consulting firms. They have an expert knowledge in the appraisal and analysis of team situations. All team development programs are offered in German, French and English to ensure a consistent approach for organizations that operate internationally.

Our Consulting

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