Coaching "The program’s greatest forte is the relationship that the coach builds with the candidate."


Targeted development of personal competencies.

With our coaching we support executives, managers, and employees in their change process – the targeted development of personal competencies.

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The advantages of coaching

Personal development is a lifelong process.

Due to the complexity of today’s workplace, coaching is an important support for managers and employees to overcome current challenges (resilience and agility). In contrast to purely technical consulting, coaching focuses primarily on the successful design of self-management and interpersonal cooperation.

  • The development of personal problem-solving skills is promoted in a targeted and individual manner. The focus is on leadership and team situations.
  • The coachee is better able to perform his/her tasks and is motivated. Coaching promotes business growth through personal growth.
  • The potential of key people on whom the present and future of the company depend is developed. As a result, current and future challenges are better met.
  • Coaching gives more choices for the promotion of internal candidates.
  • The company becomes more attractive to employees and outsiders.
  • The company assumes its social responsibility for the development of its employees.

Coaching is a win-win situation!

“I was impressed with the empathetic and structured approach of the OTP coach. He identified my needs early on and addressed them professionally in the coaching.

Initially, I was still a bit skeptical! Today, I am grateful to my employer for this support. It has brought me forward at a critical point for me.” M.Z./ Automotive industry

Coaching für Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte

Our services

Each coaching is as individual as the participant

Our Target groups

OTP’s experience shows that the design of a goal-oriented process depends to a large extent on the requirements associated with the position and responsibility in question. Accordingly, we offer our services to the following target groups:

  • Board of directors and foundation board
  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching for executives
  • Coaching for professionals and specialists

Topics of coaching

The contents of the coaching are elaborated individually with the coachee. The specific coaching goals are defined together with the coachee in view of the position and the responsibility of the coachee. Therefore, the topics listed here can be the occasion for coaching. Examples are:


  • “Digital transformation”: reflection and “testing” of ideas
  • Cultural Change Processes: Working on individual topics
  • Reputation management, profile, profiling
  • Leading the Leadership Team: Developing identity – setting cornerstones


  • Leadership style and self-image as a leader
  • Leadership tools
  • Leadership and performance appraisal
  • Conflict management in the team

Self-management and performance

  • Self-presentation and personal marketing
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Self-, time- and stress management
  • Key skills (e.g., presentation, moderation, creativity)
  • Develop behavioral changes

Professional development and career

  • Preparation and support of career changes
  • Career reorientation
  • Goal development and career planning

Change Management

  • Dealing with cultural change in the company
  • Value analysis and value change
  • Personality and change


  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Closing oriented conversation


  • Conflict management in the team
  • Cooperation and roles
  • Teambuilding

Our Process in phases

Our Forms of coaching

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal program or, if required, develop a tailor-made coaching program.

Within the scope of our services, we offer different forms:

The topic-centered individual coaching

This service has been specially developed by us to work on specific, clearly delineated topics. Usually a fixed project frame (e.g., 3 months) is set for working on a jointly determined topic.

Due to the limited time frame, content and goal are clearly topic centered.

The classic individual coaching

We accompany executives in a difficult environment over an agreed longer period of time. Based on the joint discussion, operationalized goals are agreed upon and worked on. In each phase, other relevant topics can also be addressed and worked on. Based on the joint analysis, problem solutions are discussed and tested.

Once the problem solution is implemented, it is jointly evaluated. This is the confirmation of the successful transfer into practice and the basis for the conclusion.

Team coaching

In team coaching we work with the whole team or project group. The subject is usually the quality of cooperation, which is a key to team performance. If it does not work between individual team members, then a drop in performance can be the result. An important part of team coaching is to hold discussions with individual team members to clarify their interests and goals. A clarification of roles, the clarification of individual goals as well as the clarification of communication problems and conflict situations are the basis for the solution of possible problems.

Our coaching competencies

Professional and empathic

Our experienced coaches are permanent employees, ensuring a consistently high standard of quality and success in coaching practice.

  • OTP coaches have a high level of professionalism and sensitivity in conducting coaching conversations. 
  • In addition to their basic empathic attitude, OTP coaches have a proven business background: the coaches have many years of professional experience in various positions in different industries or as consultants. They have expert knowledge in assessing and analyzing personal challenges of executives and specialists.
  • OTP has a pool of coaches at its disposal. The individual preferences of the coachees are taken into account and, if desired, personal alternatives are offered.
  • Coaching is offered in English, German, French and Italian to support Swiss wide companies and international groups in their change process.

The following elements make up the competence of our consultants:

  • Coaching training
  • In-depth understanding of business processes
  • A basic empathic attitude in the coaching conversation

This combination of specialist knowledge and social competence forms the basis of a successful coaching process.

Our consulting

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