Develop your personal skills with coaching

Our coaching services focus specifically on developing personal skills, in the context of corporate change, and of development processes.

Coaching Benefits

Personal development is a lifelong process
  • It fosters business growth through personal growth.
  • It increases the selection of internal candidates eligible for promotion.
  • Key persons, on which the present and the future of the company depend, are easier to identify and are prepared to master current challenges.
  • The successful actions of coached management and staff help to increase trust in the company and increase overall effectiveness.

Due to the complexity of certain situations, coaching can be a valuable form of support to help individuals master their current challenges. Unlike technical consulting, this support focuses on the successful resolution of interpersonal problems and the development of personal problem-solving skills. Leadership and team situations are the main focus during this process.

Our Coaching Services

Our services are as individual as our participants
Our formats

As part of our standard services, OTP offers two forms of services:

Classic coaching

For an agreed-upon period of time, we support those in leadership positions in a difficult environment. Based on a joint evaluation of the situation, an operational objective is agreed upon. This objective serves as the focal point in our work during the coaching period.

The next step is a joint analysis of the status quo, forming the basis for solving problems and achieving the objective. During this phase, other relevant subjects can also be addressed and worked on. Possible approaches to behavioral change are discussed and tested.

Once the solution of the problem has been implemented, the results are jointly evaluated. This serves as confirmation for the successful integration of the change into day-to-day working practice and leads to the conclusion of the process.

Theme-centered coaching

This form of coaching has been specifically developed by OTP to address a clearly defined subject. Normally, this type of coaching has a set time frame (e.g., 3 months) and is intended for work on a mutually agreed subject .

Due to the limited timeframe, the objective of this coaching format is to clearly focus on a specific issue.

Which agenda?

Of course, the topics addressed tend to be as individual as the coachees themselves. Therefore, the topics listed here should merely be regarded as possible motives. Specific objectives are defined together taking into consideration the coachee’s individual circumstances and background. Here are some examples:

OTP Coaching agenda

Process and phases

Introductory phase: The introductory phase essentially serves to clarify the upcoming process and to communicate this process to the trainee.

Establishing the theme/identifying the problem: Here, guided questioning is used to determine the trainee’s point of view about the problem, to understand the impact and the origin of the problem, and to understand possible attempts at a solution and the efficacy of the various solutions.

Goal setting: During the goal setting phase, positive change is initiated, by developing goals and subgoals with the coachee. Goals describe the desired state, and will be formulated in a way that is realistic, meaningful, motivational, verifiable and positive.

Solution development: In this phase, possible approaches and solutions are developed, counterproductive behavior is identified and alternative types of behavior will be suggested. An important part of this phase is identifying and activating the coachee’s personal skills.

Methods for implementation/practical adaptation: In the second-to-last phase of the process, the trainee will be assisted in implementing his or her developed solution concept in day-to-day business, and in developing his or her own independent workplace solutions to best achieve effective results.

Evaluation: At the end of the process, the entire experience and its results are evaluated together with the coachee.

Which options to choose?

Our experience at OTP has shown that the design of a targeted coaching program largely depends on the requirements of the professional positions associated with the coaching. Accordingly, we offer our services in four versions:

We’re happy to advise you in selecting the right program and to develop customized coaching programs where needed.

Our Coaching Competence

Professional and empathetic

Our experienced coaches are employed by us on a permanent basis. This allows us to ensure that our services deliver a consistently high standard of quality and success.

The following elements comprise the expertise of our coaches:

  • Professional training in coaching
  • Extensive knowledge of business processes
  • An empathetic attitude during all coaching interactions

This combination of expertise and important social skills forms the basis of our highly successful coaching process.

Our Consulting

We look forward to talking to you!

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