Services for private clients Professional advice pays off - invest in your future career!
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Services for private clients

Professional advice pays off – invest in your future career!

I want to find and keep a job

Out-/Newplacement in case of job loss

There are always interesting opportunities for you – but they are not always easy to find. We support you in taking the best possible next career step – such as an exciting new job, a new entrepreneurial start, or your personal move. 

Your personal OTP-team is available to work with you: a certified career coach, a branding specialist and our JobHunting (labor market specialists). These are proven experts who have already led many clients to success with their experience and know-how.

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You also get access to a secure, user-friendly online platform with your personal career roadmap and sustainable tools for your career path. Our comprehensive consulting services are tailored to your personal situation. With a series of workshops/webinars, we encourage sharing and working in groups.

We offer a program tailored to your individual needs. Our programs are also each adapted to the different needs of our clients: 

  • Executive
  • Specialists and managers
  • Women in management positions
  • 50Plus for people with extensive professional experience
  • Startup consulting

I want to change my job

Career balance and career counseling

A career balance and career counseling offer you the opportunity to reflect on your own personality, current life situation, experiences and competencies, career goals and desires, as well as your own values, inclinations, and motives.

We help you to pave the way for new perspectives, to set the course, to work out options and accompany you during the reorientation process. Certified and experienced consultants accompany and coach you:

  • You actively engage with your biographical background, your life situation and your aspirations about life goals and career perspectives. 
  • You learn to better assess your strengths and competencies, but also your limitations.
  • You inform yourself about training and development opportunities.
  • You work out different professional alternatives and the decision-making basis for their evaluation. 

Goal: You gain clarity about your abilities, interests, and development potential. We offer various special programs: for 

  • executive 
  • specialists and managers 
  • 50Plus for people with extensive professional experience 
  • women in management positions
  • start-ups consulting
  • People re-entering the job market

In a personal conversation, you clarify the initial situation with us and then determine the consulting goal. Typical topics for individual programs (single topics) are:

  • interview training
  • self-presentation
  • conflict management
  • Personality and development coaching
  • Positioning on the job market
  • USP training
  • self-branding

I start my own business

Startup consulting

Around one in eight people in employment in Switzerland is self-employed. However, the step into self-employment must be carefully prepared. Three things are essential for a successful business start-up:

  • a realistic self-assessment.
  • a realistic assessment of the economic potential.
  • a willingness to work hard for a few years and possibly earn little(er) in the process.

If you want to bring your project to the market and start your own company for it, this involves many questions and a considerable amount of work. You summarize your results in a business plan:

  • Idea and target group
  • Market and competition
  • Strategy and USP
  • Marketing
  • Finances
  • Legal form
  • Etc.

With our comprehensive program we reflect together on your starting position and develop your business plan until you are ready to start.

I want to strengthen my leadership skills

Our coaching strengthens leaders in their current situation with the corresponding challenges. As an external sparring partner, we help you to reflect on specific leadership topics and to build up new leadership competencies. We work together on actual issues from your current day-to-day leadership and possible behavioral changes. Addressing topics such as leadership style, communication, conflicts or change management helps you to reflect on your own leadership style and find new, innovative approaches. We work on actual issues, guide you through the reflection processes and provide additional perspectives and behavioral alternatives.

I want to develop my intercultural competences

Our intercultural coaching is tailored to your needs and is led exclusively by experts who have themselves worked abroad for several years. In the face of an increasingly complex and uncertain business world, empathic and goal-oriented communication is an important cornerstone. We support you in making your contacts with other cultures easier and, above all, more successful.

I want to prepare for an assessment

Dieses Coaching gibt Ihnen wichtige Informationen zu Aufbau, Ablauf und zur Zielsetzung von Einzel-Assessments. Sie erfahren, mit welchen Aufgaben sie üblicherweise in einem Assessment konfrontiert werden und worauf die AssessorInnen besonders achten. Sie erhalten konkrete Tipps und Feedbacks zur Optimierung ihres Auftretens und sammeln anhand praktischer Übungen konkrete Erfahrungen. So können Sie sich auf diese Herausforderungen vorbereiten und mit gestärktem Selbstvertrauen auch Ihr Stressniveau senken. 

Spouse Program (I am new in Switzerland with my partner and want to work)

Sie sind mit Ihrer/m LebenspartnerIn in die Schweiz gekommen, weil er/sie hier ein attraktives Stellenangebot angenommen hat. Für Sie ist aber wichtig, neben dem gesellschaftlichen Einleben, selbst eine interessante Arbeit zu finden. Auch auf eine administrative und organisatorische Unterstützung legen Sie wert. Dies ist für Sie wichtig, um sich in Ihrer neuen Umgebung im Gastland Schweiz wohl zu fühlen. Hier setzt unser Spouse Program an. Wir helfen Ihnen, eine spannende Stelle zu finden und begleiten Sie bei Ihren ersten Schritten in der Schweizer Kultur und Wirtschaft.

I am preparing for my retirement.

Retirement is a major turning point in life. It brings with it considerable changes and transformations – personal, family, social and economic. Get to grips with the new phase of your life in advance. This will enable you to shape the time of retirement early by reflection and according to your own needs. The alterations and disruption of this transition are complex. Questions from various areas, such as AHV, pension fund, voluntary pension plan, retirement date, living arrangements, post-occupational activities, advance directive, living will and estate, must be decided and shaped. Our experts will show you possible ways for an optimal transition into retirement. With professional preparation, retirement is more fun!

Our services for private clients

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