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HR Development and Training

Increase the competence in the organization

Our innovative training programs are guaranteed to optimally support employees’ individual learning processes.

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Training Benefits

Customized training programs for business success
  • Our custom-made professional development concepts are focused on the objectives and timing of your organization.
  • Experienced specialists support your trainees throughout the individualized development and learning processes.
  • Our practice-oriented follow-up of the trainings enhances the transfer of personal learning results into everyday use by the participants.
  • Our customized trainings meeting the needs of your company make for an optimal cost/benefit ratio.

Our Training Services

Targeted trainings – customized to your needs

Our training services are oriented around the urgency of changes within your organization:

1. Short-term solutions for existing organizational units:
  • Trainings
  • Workshops with management and teams
  • Follow-up coaching for individuals
2. Medium-term development of the organization:
  • Trainings and seminars around leadership, team development and self-management for management, teams or individuals
  • Workshops and coaching for practical support during development processes
  • Team development
3. Long-term development of the organization:

Our trainings, seminars, workshops and coaching programs are highly suitable for long-term integration with personnel and management development measures to support the overall implementation of company strategy.

Within an agreed time frame, we address important topics in the form of individual modules that can be integrated into a comprehensive training for management and staff.

Target groups

Our programs are designed for various target groups that have common interests as well as unique needs:


Trainings, seminars and follow-up coaching serve as an opportunity for reflection on and development of management behavior and to develop suitable reactions and constructive solutions to challenging situations with employees and in teams

Project teams and working groups:

Training and consulting serve to improve communication, the ability to work in a team, (unspoken) conflict resolution, knowledge exchange as well as team development for existing teams and the collaboration of multiple teams.

Individual employees:

Participation of individual employees in trainings, seminars and workshops to facilitate personnel development and improve working efficiency (sales, marketing, presentation) or for personal development.

Our Training Services

Our long-standing and wide-ranging training experience comprises the following:

  • Management training
  • Communication training
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Presentation and public speaking training
  • Diversity training
  • Seminars for personal professional development
  • Preparation for retirement

Our trainings and seminars support the growth and development of individuals with different occupational requirements in line with the needs of the organization.

Our Training Competence

Our trainers – high quality and commitment

Our experienced trainers are employed by us on a permanent basis. This allows us to ensure that our training services deliver a consistently high standard of quality and success. OTP only employs trainers who have extensive experience in adult education and seminar management and who demonstrate high levels of expertise in the respective training subjects. We place great importance on the fact that our trainers possess sound psychological methodology and wide-ranging training experience.

Our trainers possess the following qualifications for success:

  • Sophisticated communication, consulting and pedagogic skills,
  • substantial knowledge of the training and seminar topics,
  • extensive experience working with the target groups outlined above,
  • personal maturity and life experience,
  • focus on solutions,
  • continuous personal development and training based on client feedback,
  • a sense of humor and enjoyment of the work,
  • understanding, empathy and a respectful attitude toward the training participants
  • “business background”—they speak the language of the participants.

This combination of expertise and important social skills forms the basis of our highly successful trainings.

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