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What Clients Are Saying About Our Services

Customer satisfaction is our first priority
I felt very well cared for. The professional and proactive support had a positive effect on me during very difficult times.

(T.D. / Spezialist Compliance Pharma)

Like I said, the restructuring was nothing but positive for me personally—I won through and through!!

(J.M. / Automotive)

“We have contracted OTP for several outplacement mandates and each time, they have set up the most suitable program with respect to the personal and professional situation of our employee, who felt valued and supported in an efficient and effective way. The contact with OTP is easy and smooth.
I can only recommend working with OTP!”

MSC Cruises: Ilaria Wambach

Once again, I would like to thank my coach for the valuable advice and short-term availability before interviews.

Dr. S.J. / Chemical Industry Manager

You’re the best coach ever! I won’t forget what you’ve taught me. Thank you very much! You were a great help!

D.M. / Telecommunications

“The management of Swissport Geneva was looking for new ideas to work on a teambuilding and self-improvement event.
At the end of two days of activities, exchanges and exercises, we were able to appreciate the result. The team was back together. The new management team was able to become aware of the issues at stake but also to share their fears while bringing a new spirit to the common objectives. OTP was able to bring novelty and surprise each of the participants. Thank you very much for all the input.
OTP has met our expectations”.

Swissport, Julien Fournier

I finally made it and can work in purchasing/sales/customer service again. I can’t quite believe it yet, but it worked, and I was able to present myself convincingly to employers thanks to your good preparation and support. Like I said, the restructuring was nothing but positive for me personally—I won through and through!!

J.M. / Automotive

Whilst waiting in the Heathrow lounge for my flight to Singapore there was a glass of champagne and a counter signed contract waiting for me. All complete – thank you again so much for all your help.

R.P. / Manager Finance

Our long-time Head of Sales and Marketing was promoted to Commercial Director as part of an internal reorganization, as a direct report to the CEO. This role is very demanding as an interface function. That’s why we decided to seek coaching support from OTP. I was impressed with the results of the well-structured coaching. The role and leadership style were clarified and his communication skills were significantly strengthened.
The coaching from OTP has motivated him a lot and it shows sustainably!

Mario Zanandrea / Head of HR Automotive

I greatly appreciated the personal coaching. My interests and concerns were always taken into consideration. The handbook and other documents were very useful. I am very pleased and grateful for the great and excellent support I received from the two coaches.

M.B., Manager Bank

Je me sens toujours bien accueillie, ma consultante est d’un professionnalisme rare et elle arrive à conjuguer exigence et mise en confiance avec brio! J’ai trouvé un poste qui me plaît énormément grâce au soutien de ma consultante.

A.L. / Assurance

The main strengths of the program are the relationship the coach builds with the candidate and the fact that the coach always has a positive attitude and motivates the client to be active! I am very satisfied and have a new job, which was the goal! On a scale from 1 to 5, a five. I’ll be in touch with the coach for more advice even after the conclusion of this program.

O.A., Telecommunications Team Leader

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