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TopScore (Recruitment)

Identification, selection and integration of executives and specialists

In order to provide our clients with a customized and efficient recruitment process, we offer our services in modular form. You select the necessary modules and methods to identify, select and integrate new employees according to your organization’s specific needs, present market conditions and other situational requirements.

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TopScore Benefits

The right candidates for your business success
  • An efficient recruitment process and minimization of expenses for the client thanks to the modular structure of our services.
  • Identification of necessary skills and capabilities according to the job profile/the profile of requirements.
  • Selection and presentation of the candidates that most closely match the job specification.
  • Rapid achievement of desired working performance through needs-based integration support.

We meet these objectives through the modular structure of our holistic range of services.

TopScore Services

Our recruitment process: a holistic approach in a modular format

To optimally fill your vacancy, OTP offers a holistic approach in a modular format. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary elements for a rapid and successful identification, selection and integration of new employees. To meet this objective, OTP uses a four-step process:

1. Joint analysis of the job opening (requirement evaluation)

Together with our clients, we develop the following elements to prepare for a successful search:

  • Job profile
  • Success profile of desired candidates
  • Communication with desired candidates
  • Attractivity profile of the company
2. Search for suitable candidates

The following options are at your disposal:

  • Search via ads in print media
  • Direct search
  • Combined search campaign
  • Electronic recruitment
3. Selection and recommendation

Once suitable candidates express their interest in the position, they will be evaluated for a possible recommendation:

  • Initial interview with promising candidates
  • Assessment using role play to evaluate skills and behavioral patterns
  • Optional: psychological tests or use of the assessment center
  • Reference check for the final candidates
  • Recommendation of select candidates (short list)
4. Successful integration

The final step in our process is to assist the selected candidate in quickly reaching their full performance potential:

  • Coaching during the first 100 days
  • Targeted development based on the joint evaluation

Given the modular format of our services, it is possible to request only individual elements of the recruitment process. We’re happy to advise you in selecting the right modules and methods according to the specific requirements of your organization, current market conditions and your target group.

Our TopScore Competence

Our expertise for your recruitment

Our quality in the following aspects is decisive for the success of your recruitments:

  • Knowledge of the industries, markets, technologies and special requirements of our clients
  • Our high level of professionalism during the search, selection and integration process for executives and other employees
  • Ethical standards such as confidentiality of client information and discretion in our dealings with candidates and clients

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