"It is essential to mobilize all resources for the future." We support you with your communication concept.

Restructuring and staff reduction

You are facing a reduction in personnel and are looking for an experienced partner to successfully implement your project. Due to our experience of more than 25 years, but especially in recent times with their specific challenges, we are YOUR PARTNER. Give us a call!
We offer various forms of support for your project:

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Restrukturierung & Change

  We are member of the Swiss Turnaround Association

The Swiss Turnaround Association is a community of professionals in the corporate restructuring and reorganization field.

Project management and communication

Restructuring and staff reduction is about the future of the organization. Cost and duration, but also the perspective for the future with all stakeholders, are important. That is why internal and external communication is a key element.

It is essential to mobilize all resources for the future. We support you with your communication concept.

Communication is also one of the most important factors for the involvement of key people. Retention must be planned early on and anchored in the communication.

Project management and restructuring

In project management, planning in coordination with the project milestones is a key factor. OTP employs experienced project managers who, with the help of our specific project tools, plan and execute the project both in terms of time and resources and do the reporting. They actively support your project managers in every project phase.

For the planning and implementation of the workshops and coaching OTP uses its own ERP “Client Information System (CIS)”. This was especially designed for the management of larger projects. This tool also provides the data for our reporting. Information can be retrieved daily, for example in case of inquiries from the project managers.

Data protection

Data protection is secured both physically and digitally through protected data traffic with access via login and personal password for both participants and coaches.

Documents and information are made available to program participants not only through a program manual but also via our cloud solution “Web Portal” for information and data exchange (login with personal password): For example, templates, forms, handouts.

The participants in turn use the web portal to communicate with the coach, for example by filing the current version of their CV or a letter of motivation in the web portal to obtain feedback.

Group outplacement – programs and instruments

Our group programs for outplacement/newplacement are tailored to the needs of those affected. The basis is a pragmatic approach with action-oriented coaching. Counseling in groups uses the strengths of group work and the exchange of experiences among the affected persons to intensify their motivation and their activities on the job market. The following topics are worked on and coached:

  • Coping with the separation situation
  • Assessment of the current situation and competence portfolio
  • Personal professional project
  • Conception and implementation of the active application campaign
  • Action plans and communication training

We successfully apply all proven working forms of group outplacement – from short workshops to comprehensive support for restructuring in the JobCenter.

OTP realizes customized group outplacements!

Our Online Career Center (7/24) is available around the clock as an interactive tool and comprehensive information resource for the preparation and organization of the entire process.

The OTP group program offers participants active access to open positions through our JobHunting and networking. This support covers both the open and the hidden job market with the following activities:

  • Through our OTP-exclusive job exchange (120 000 open positions in Switzerland, with focus on company and headhunter homepages) we find all relevant advertised positions for our clients (search on the open job market)
  • Use of the OTP network to regional, national and international employers, headhunters and personnel consultancies (“OTP Top 100 List”)
  • Search portal on our homepage > all information on one “click”. Here, our participants will find a comprehensive range of job exchanges throughout Switzerland and abroad and links to targeted personnel service providers.
  • Access to job offers via social media (LinkedIn, XING).

Good to know – Outplacement and Newplacement at OTP

Outplacement (Newplacement) is one of our main services. The duration of a successful search for a new position depends largely on the length of time the employee has been with the organization, the degree of specialization and the hierarchical position of the employee concerned. Therefore, we offer our outplacement services in five basic variants


What is Outplacement / Newplacement


Redeployment is the internal newplacement. Especially in larger organizations, this is an interesting option for both employers and employees, because it allows specific know-how to be retained. These programs can be carried out both in individual and group settings.


Especially in larger organizations a targeted approach to retaining key people in the organization is important. Retention is an essential aspect of change programs. We support you in the conception and communication.

Retention is an essential aspect of change programs. We support you in the conception and communication.


Redeployment und Retention OTP

Training of superiors

In order to cushion the possible negative effects of restructuring, the employer usually provides for various accompanying measures, in particular training of superiors for the separation interview. This training is carried out within the framework of specially designed programs to accompany the organization.

Training goals

The training “The separation meeting” includes the following objectives:
Each seminar participant is able to…

  • … prepare themselves optimally for a separation interview,
  • … to plan and structure a separation meeting,
  • … to communicate the reason for the termination of the position in a factual and understandable way for the employee,
  • … to deal with possible reactions of the employee in a socially competent manner
  • and to contribute to a process and conclusion that is also satisfying for one’s own well-being.

Coaching of managers in the implementation phase

During the change phase, we accompany executives in a difficult environment. In the face-to-face meetings, current challenges are discussed and the approach in terms of communication and action alternatives is developed. The experiences of our coaches are incorporated into the search for solutions in appropriate situations.

The success of the approach is jointly evaluated and appropriate next steps are considered.

The managers have a contact person with whom they can successfully steer through their challenges at all times. At the same time, the management is relieved for its core tasks.


Added value with OTP – “Value for Money”

The program offered by OTP includes various additional services:


JobHunting at OTP makes the various resources of our organization available for individual job search. Our dedicated JobHunting manager is engaged to proactively supporting our clients. He is also available at any time to answer questions from participants and also activates the OTP consultant and company network.

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Our qualified and experienced JobCoaches are also available after the end of the programs to assist with challenging topics of the program participants (phone calls, e-mails, personal meetings).

Crisis intervention

The crisis intervention may require different coaches on site per day. OTP has the resources to ensure this.


OTP offers each participant the opportunity to take one or more courses at the OTP Skillsoft Academy. The OTP-Skillsoft-Academy offers learning opportunities in the style of blended learning. The attended courses can be completed with a certificate. With the “Skillsoft” component, the OTP programs meet the growing demands of many participants to use the time of an outplacement for personal professional development and to increase personal employability.

Our expertise and experience

  • For more than 25 years we have the expertise in the management of large projects to group outplacement/job centers.

  • More than 2000 participants per year are coached by the OTP Group in job search and application courses in Zurich.

  • Various projects with on-site implementation have been carried out throughout Switzerland and in various industries.

  • Our JobHunting helps those affected to find desired jobs and access to employers.

  • We have qualified coaches with many years of experience in group and individual outplacement (multilingual), who are specifically selected for each project.

Consulting services for restructuring and staff reduction

Our qualified and experienced coaches are looking forward to your request. You can find our offices in all the major cities around switzerland.

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