Outplacement "Thanks to you preparing me well and supporting me all the way, I made it and can finally work again”

Outplacement / Newplacement

The key to success: finding opportunities in outplacement / newplacement

Before finding your new position with the help of an outplacement / newplacement, you will engage in a process that will involve a series of ups and downs.

Anxiety about the future and self-doubt can undermine your self-esteem and self-confidence. From the shock of separation to the optimism of seeing new opportunities arise, from the frustration over a lack of success to the joy of promising interviews—those affected often go through a rollercoaster of emotions.

This is why personal coaching and support in times of crisis are essential during the entire outplacement / newplacement process.

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Outplacement / Newplacement Benefits

The faster, better and more sustainable way to your new position: outplacement / newplacement

Many companies assume social responsibility by offering laid-off employees professional assistance in form of “outplacement consulting” during their career transition. This allows those affected to find a better and more sustainable position more quickly.

Benefits for those affected:
  • Handling a difficult situation in a positive way.
  • Becoming aware of your own potential and us ing it for your next career move.
  • Setting your own goals and defining your own priorities (career perspectives).
  • Gaining important skills for your professional development.
  • Increasing your chance of success and decreasing the duration of your search .
  • Better positioning in your personal job market.
Benefits for the employer:
  • Making organizational changes easier.
  • Taking social responsibility for changes employees face.
  • Strengthening the motivation of the remaining employees.
  • Avoiding damage to your public image, with customers and suppliers.
  • Conducting the talk reagrrding the termination of the contract in a cooperative way.
  • Having control over the duration and the costs associated with the layoff situation.
Self-knowledge and self-marketing

Awareness of one’s own abilities and the development of new perspectives are the basis for a successful job search. Thanks to our structured outplacement process, our clients can face the challenge of a career transition with optimism and self-confidence.

Our experienced outplacement coaches not only advise our clients about the technical aspects of successful self-marketing, but also coach them in successfully handling their personal resources, their environment and their individual application process.

Through our focus on networking and our online JobHunting portal , our program offers participants valuable access to open positions. Our Online Career Center is an interactive tool that serves as a comprehensive source of information for the preparation and organization of the entire outplacement process. It is at your disposal 24/7.

Preparing for your new job

To ensure the sustainability of our outplacement, we not only adviseyou in selecting the right position—we also offer support in preparing you for your new job and for assuming your role in the new organization.

Our Outplacement / Newplacement Services

The right outplacement / newplacement program – a custom-designed / customized solution
Outplacement programs

Outplacement is one of our core services. The duration of a successful job search depends largely on the length of service the degree of specialization and the hierarchical position of the affected employees within the company. For this reason, we offer our outplacement services in five basic versions :

We’re happy to advise you in selecting the right program for your (affected) employees and to develop customized outplacement programs where you need them. In addition to outplacement, we also offer employers consulting services for separation processes and terminations:

  • Coaching and training of superiors and HR managers on how to conduct difficult conversations.
  • Clarification of legal questions regarding termination from the employer’s point of view.
  • Relieving the initial termination shock by being present on the employer’s premises.
Individual outplacement

With our outplacement program, we support you throughout the entire process of your career transition: from the initial separation, to the successful start in a new position. Our comprehensive program gives you all the resources you need to successfully face the various challenges encountered during this process.

Our comprehensive service package based on personal coaching,on a structured approach and support in accessing open postions, guarantees the best possible career move. Let us support you in taking the optimal/ best possible next step in your career.

Group outplacement – programs and tools

Our group outplacement programs are tailored to your specific needs. They are based on a pragmatic approach with action-oriented coaching. Outplacement counseling in groups takes advantage of group dynamics and the exchange of experiences between those affected. This approach enhances motivation, as participants support each other in taking action in the job market. Our programs cover the following topics:

  • Overcoming the separation
  • Career evaluation and competence portfolio
  • Personal job project
  • Designing and implementing an active application campaign
  • Action plans and communication training

Through our focus on networking and our JobHunting feature, the OTP group program offers its participants valuable access to open positions. Clients also have 24/7 access to our Online Career Center, an interactive tool that serves as a comprehensive source of information for the preparation and organization of the entire outplacement process.

We successfully utilize a variety of proven formats of group outplacements—from short workshops to extensive restructuring programs supported by the OTP JobCenter.

OTP offers group outplacement programs that are customized for industrial organizations. Access to a new job is facilitated by OTP’s strong connections with the local employers in your region.

Your own start-up – an attractive option

Starting your own business can be an attractive option for your career reorientation. Our program has been supporting entrepreneurs for over 15 years , making the step to professional independence/self-employment easier.

In four phases, you will establish a solid basis for success:


Our JobCenter programs are especially designed for comprehensive support of on-site restructuring (e.g. at the employer’s facilities). These services include consultants, these programs provide intensive and comprehensive support during the career reorientation of those affected by job loss. Our JobCenter programs all have the same concrete and measurable goal:

Participants either find a new job/position or a personal solution that works for them.

JobCenter overview

For our private and public sector clients, we deliver a broad range of services—from specific workshops to comprehensive support during organizational restructuring.

JobCenter functions
  • Consulting around technical aspects
  • Consulting around personal aspects
  • Maintaining your social network
  • Facilitites, infrastructure and meeting place
  • Education center for seminars, workshops and trainings
  • Information and brainstorming hub
  • JobHunting: Intensive exploration of the job market through OTP
  • Adaptation to a given environment
JobCenter agenda
  • Emotional processing and reorientation
  • Career evaluation
  • Preparing your self-marketing tools
  • Implementation of self-marketing
  • Choosing your new job and integrating into the new position
The OTP-JobCenter:

The holistic, process-based approach to a successful career transition!

Our Outplacement / Newplacement Competence

More than 25 years of experience & expertise

Our experienced consultants are employed by us on a permanent basis. This allows us to ensure that our consulting services deliver a consistently high standard of quality and success.

We place great importance on the fact that our consultants not only have a business and management background, but also have at their disposal a sound psychological methodology and wide-ranging coaching skills and experience.

These are the skills and areas of expertise of of our consultants:

  • An extensive professional network and advanced knowledge of the labor market
  • Extensive experience in the fields of career transition and self-marketing
  • An empathetic attitude

This combination of expertise and important social skills is the basis for our highly successful consulting.

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