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Career Management

HR development – upskilling – internal mobility – retention – motivation

The successful development and the best possible use of the human resources is one of the strategic key tasks of every organization in the intensified competition with permanent change processes and the “War for Talents”. This situation is characterized by:

  • an ever shorter “half-life” of professional competence,
  • more stringent requirements for employees to take responsibility for their own professional development,
  • the expectation of employees to continuously develop their skills,
  • the need to plan and implement personnel development on an individual basis and
  • the development towards project-based work (agility)
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The Advantages of career management

Our career management is an important building block here. It offers tools, guidance and coaching for competence development and career planning of your employees. The OTP program enables …

… your organization:

  • to offer internal development opportunities and retain key employees. Avoid significant turnover and recruitment costs. 
  • to provide your employees with the resources they need to develop their skills and transfer their experience to new professional challenges in the company.
  • to hold your employees accountable for their development and employability within the company by providing them with this support for professional development.
  • a dynamic view of your human resources in the context of your strategy and change processes. The agility of the organization is increased.

… your employees:

  • to better recognize their own values, strengths, competencies, and experiences
  • to align their personal interests and perspectives with the technological development and strategy of the company. 
  • to strengthen their motivation and commitment to the organization through professional development.
  • to plan their next professional step inside the organization.

In this way, you invest in their own talents and bring their competencies to a new level through targeted upskilling. On the one hand, this develops internally the competence portfolio needed for the future to implement the corporate strategy. On the other hand, it is an important sign of appreciation for the key people in your organization. This is also the basis for your retention management and the internal mobility of employees.

Retention Management

Retention refers to the committment of employees to the company. It can be increased if managers and the HR department create an environment that promotes performance and thus employee identification with the company. According to various studies, career management in particular is one of the most important promotion tools for employees.


This is the process of continuously learning new skills that effectively develops employees for new job requirements and roles. Digital transformation in the workplace is one of the reasons that make this culture of continuous learning more necessary today than ever before.

Interne Mobilität 

Skills shortages and changes in business models are forcing companies to rethink. The focus is on the potential of their own employees. How can the skills available in the company be matched with future job profiles? Career management is the proactive step in this direction.

Challenges for employees

Structural change in the economy and the labor market also places more stringent demands on employees:

  • new working conditions and demands require a changed management of one’s own career,
  • multipolar career planning instead of linear careers,
  • strengthening old and new key competencies as a prerequisite for successful career development,
  • use of networks for professional success,
  • conscious reflection on work-life balance and
  • Developing employability and professional competence

Challenges for the employer

For the employer, the current economic conditions also pose major challenges:

  • Employer branding: marketing attractiveness as an employer
  • the half-life of competencies is decreasing
  • new (or different) competencies become important for success
  • it is difficult to predict which competencies will be decisive

…therefore an agile and individualized approach is important! 

Our Career Management Services

The basic concept

Our concept for career development places the interests of the organization alongside the interests of the employees. This creates a common framework for joint development, which shows the participants not only their own needs but also the needs and offerings of the employer. This reinforces mutual appreciation.

Our specific consulting for professional development

The initial situation and context for our consulting programs can be very different and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Career counseling records and analyzes:

  • current trends and development in the employee’s working life and area of expertise
  • the professional profile: professional position, education and experience, special knowledge, skills, talents.
  • the personal profile: personal and social competence, strengths and weaknesses, wishes, values and motivation, concepts on professional and private life.
  • the individual potential: personal and professional development opportunities, perspectives within the company, career alternatives.
  • the professional and personal goals of the employees in connection with the needs and requirements of the company
  • the development and qualification needs: support measures and personal development plan for the targeted professional and personal development of employees.

The following graphic shows possible individualized development steps as a result of personal career planning:

Our programs

Our career management can be adapted to the specific circumstances of your organization. In addition, our programs can be tailored to specific target groups: e.g.

  • high potentials
  • executives
  • selected key people
  • underperformers
  • service to sales

The following elements are an essential part of our programs:

  • access to our web-based learning and development platform (OTP Career Center) for the duration of the program (+1 year).
  • consultation with an experienced OTP career coach.
  • support from the supervisor/mentor and HR (in-house). 
  • a sound self-analysis as the basis for career planning.
  • A career masterplan© for the participants.
  • OTP reporting on the status of participants in the current program. 
  • Optional assessment (personality/leadership).
  • Optional Dashboard: as an overview of the assessment of the participants.

Your employees are efficiently and professionally supported in analyzing their career to date, reflecting on their own professional perspectives, and developing and defining development steps together with their employer. In parallel, they also clarify the employer’s offers (further training, salary framework, benefits, etc.) and needs (professional/social skills, projects, development, vacancies). The results are recorded in the OTP Career Master Plan© and discussed with the employer (HR) before they are jointly approved.

The program is offered in different variants:

  • Typically, it is implemented as a stand-alone program (e.g., management development).
  • For specific target groups (e.g. development of management trainees) an approach in a small group program is suitable.

There are different program variants with the combination of group workshops and individual coaching sessions for the participants.

Our methodology is adapted according to the respective level of requirements (junior managers, specialists, executives).

If desired, important topics can be deepened through coaching after completion of the program.

Our career management competencies

Professional consulting with experience and expertise

Our experienced coaches are salaried, thus ensuring a consistently high standard of quality and success in our consulting practice.

We attach great importance to the fact that they not only come from business practice, but also have a formal training and broad experience in coaching.

The following elements make up the competence of our coaches:

  • rich experience in the field of professional reorientation and self-marketing
  • an empathic attitude and psychological skills
  • good networking and profound knowledge of the labor market

This combination of professional knowledge and social skills forms the basis of successful career management consulting.

Our consulting

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